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We utilize the full potential of telecom and IoT technologies to enable supreme connectivity and communication.

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No matter what type of communication your business needs, we have a tool that will precisely fulfill all requirements and get the job done in an easy-to-use, timely, and cost-effective manner. From simple SMS to blockchain smart contracts and IoT, we will facilitate the necessary interaction between you and your clients or teams inside the organization.

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Automation stands at the heart of our product

With over a decade of industry experience, we have developed clear and effective processes and frameworks to deliver the best telecom and IoT products and services worldwide.

High load distributed products
Blockchain and IoT ready
SaaS-ready solutions
Multilingual stand-alone mode


We provide the necessary resources to expand telecom offerings beyond traditional services.

Mobius GMLC Gateway

Precise location definition without specialized apps and widgets.

Mobius Sip Servlets

Uncompromised real-time messaging, voice, and audio communication in your browser. 

Mobius TAS

Efficiency, cost-effectivity, and effortless transition to IP infrastructure and multiple types of clouds. 


Our products offer fascinating flexibility and exceptional stability to ensure uncompromised connectivity.

Mobius Diameter

Java implementation for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Diameter Protocol.

Mobius SIP

Allowing efficient messaging, audio, and video communication.

Mobius SS7

Building the bridge between modern applications and legacy technologies.

Messaging Suite

We design people-friendly solutions that are always convenient and easy to use.

Mobius A2P Gateway

Matchless messaging performance with exceptional flexibility.

Mobius SMSC Gateway

Handling high-volume SMS and MMS messaging whenever it is needed.

Mobius USSD Gateway

Transporting various interactive content straight to subscribers' devices.

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