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Smart Home Communication with Mobius

While some of us still consider smart homes to be something from a distant future, the reality is that the technology is already deeply integrated into many households and gets smarter by the day. Almost every gadget or home appliance from a simple lightbulb to a heating system has a version that can connect to the Internet or other network and function independently or in compliance with other devices to ease your life and make your home more comfortable and cozy. Your kitchen will advise you on a perfect Sunday breakfast recipe, and your smart assistant will order your dog's favorite food. The coffee maker will start brewing espresso once you open your eyes in the morning and put your feet on the pre-warmed floor.

As any interaction or communication between the devices requires a solid and durable connection at all times, the Internet alone is not always the answer. Mobius offers a variety of solutions to make your IoT systems even more stable and secure. Mobius products ensure that smart home devices run a stable connection with users' mobile devices even off the home premises. It is an easy, fast, and secure way for users to interact with the network, monitor its status, manage alerts and notifications.

Smart Home Solutions can be used in the following ways:

Notify users instantly about suspicious activity

Provide users with constant status updates

Enable multi-factor authentication

Allow the ongoing monitoring of smart home network

Provide impeccable audio and video communication between users and devices

Increase customer satisfaction

Mobius for Smart Home

Provide your smart home solutions with impeccable video and audio connectivity

Mobius Sip Servlets

Mobius SIP Servlets ensures direct video and audio streaming between smart home devices and users' communication gadgets to constantly maintain on top of statuses and alerts.

Mobius SIP

No matter if it's a racoon looking for lunch outside or a real threat, Mobius SIP Stack will ensure a high-quality video connection. Hence, you know what exactly is happening on your property.

Messaging Suite
Mobius A2P Gateway

Having a smart home is about comfort but also about being in control of everything that happens on the property. Mobius A2P Gateway enables instant notifications and alerts for users to stay on top of all activities and status updates.

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TranscendConnect has relied solely on Mobius Software since early 2019 for the support of our Restcomm customers. Mobius is the preeminent global authority on Restcomm and applications that TranscendConnect’s customers need to be successful. Mobius has not only never missed a deadline for a development project, they’ve always been able to finish early!
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