Mobius SIP Servlets

Mobius SIP Servlets is a SIP Application Server designed for IP Telephony. It enables rapid development and deployment of real-time communication (RTC) products and services using SIP and WebRTC. A powerful application routing mechanism enables the creation of new products and services by connecting multiple independent services together to support the service business logic required. 

Mobius SIP Servlets represent SIP, IMS, WebRTC, JSR289 based servlets extension. It facilitates the shift towards Cloud Communications by enabling deployment and autoscaling of real-time SIP Servlets applications across all major IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers or on-premises. It delivers real-time messaging, voice, and video communication to your browser via HTML5 WebRTC and SIP over WebSockets. 

Key Features 

Multi-tenant SIP Application Server (AS) 

Enables operators to provide next-generation real-time communication (RTC) applications across multiple branded services. 

Media Server 

An implementation of JSR 309 using the MGCP protocol provides a portable interface to create rich media applications (i.e. interactive voice response (IVR), conferencing and speech recognition). 

IMS SIP Extensions 

Enable the SIP application server to act as an IMS application server to provide seamless integration into RCS and IMS-based services. 

Diameter Server 

Compliant with RFC 3588 enables Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) to quickly implement or connect to billing and charging services. 

DDOS and Congestion Control 

Control mechanisms are built into the server to protect against DDOS and other malicious attacks. SIP security can also be enabled to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information. 

Carrier-grade scalability and reliability 

Mobius Load balancer and clustering support ensure automated failover, delivering excellent user experience for mobile subscribers. 

Open Source 

The code is well documented and tested, allowing your staff to learn, optimize and customize Mobius Sip Servlets to your evolving requirements free from vendor lock-in. Our license subscription model provides indemnification and full support, along with your ability to provide input to our product development roadmap. 

Tomcat-based solution 

When it comes to the development of the enterprise-level application, you need the support of a lightweight application that runs smoothly. The Tomcat application stands still in the lightweight application giving it more flexibility in the development of the application. It gives you fast data processing power that enables the deployment of the content easily. 

Lightweight solution 

Optimized solution performance does not require much development efforts to run fast and smoothly. 

High-available System  

Designed to avoid loss of service by reducing and managing failures as well as minimizing planned downtime.  

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