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Banking & Finance Communication with Mobius

​​We are long past spending time in financial institutions. The world has gone mobile, and now every financial service is on the tip of our fingers. We don't need to commute to a bank, wait in endless lines, or sign the stacks of papers with a handwritten signature. We save time for things more meaningful and enjoyable.

You can grant your customers that time by employing Mobius products in your business. Our solutions help interact with customers on almost every step of their financial journey. With messaging, audio, and video calls, your clients will be able to securely approve operations, check balances, and communicate with your organization. Precise location-based services will allow picking the closest physical branch and set the accurate date and time to visit it. Moreover, the power of blockchain and IoT will also become available to you since Mobius products are integration-ready. So your customers will enter the world of smart contracts, tokens, and other modern technologies and solutions that are becoming more and more common each day.

Banking & Finance Solutions can be used in the following ways:

Notify consumers instantly of account transactions

Use one time passwords to reduce fraud and theft

Generate real-time fraud alerts

Send payment reminders

Effect debt collection

Reduce defaulting on loan payments

Allow customers to monitor their account activity

Reduce operating costs

Increase customer satisfaction and retention

Mobius for Banking & Finance

Employ Mobius products to enhance the quality of your services and increase customer satisfaction

Messaging Suite
Mobius USSD Gateway

Upgrade your safety protocols with Mobius USSD Gateway. Enable multi-factor verification for authorization and confirmation purposes to add that extra bit of security for you and your customers.

Messaging Suite
Mobius SMSC Gateway

Empower your business with the ability to deliver SMS and bulk SMS for verification, promotion and other purposes. Its simplicity of integration with popular messaging platforms provides endless possibilities for value-added services offerings.

Mobius GMLC Gateway

Increase your service quality by providing the most relevant offerings in just the right place. Mobius GMLC Gateway helps identify users' locations so that they can acquire your services at the nearest point of sales.

Mobius SS7

Mobius SS7 serves as an integral part of all gateways. It enables communication with the mobile network core, supporting 3G technology standards and lower.

Messaging Suite
Mobius A2P Gateway

Multi-step authentication, password reset requests, appointment reminders and other business to person messages become available with Mobius A2P Gateway.

We empower our customers

We believe that knowledge is the integral component of success. Mobius strives to empower its clients with all the necessary resources to utilize the full potential of its products and gain the highest positive outcome and maximum profit from our cooperation.

Customer empowerment on every step of the journey
Knowledge is priceless and we’re ready to share it
We share our experience with the whole community
We are not afraid to debate
Thanks to our collaboration agreements with Mobius, we have raised our support standards for complex development platforms such as jSLEE, jSS7 and jDiameter. The requirements for service excellence, both in the resolution of complex inquiries and turnaround time in accordance to SLA, have allowed us to fully satisfy our customers’ demands.
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