Mobius GLMC

There are lots of businesses where information about the location of their employees and clients is essential. Telecom operators can offer a variety of Location Based Services (LBS) and enhance the experience of their users to a new level. The broad requirements for the solution with integrated Mobius GLMC include: 

  • Subscriber Locations 

  • Middleware integration 

  • Statistical monitoring and logging 

  • APIs integration 

  • Secure service 

  • Access portal 

  • ACL (Access Control Lists) implementation 

Mobius GLMC is mostly designed for value-added service (VAS) vendors and consumers. 

Key features 

Mobile network connection 

Mobius GLMC can be connected to any Mobile Network Operator (MNO) or Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) core network over SS7 MAP. 

HTTP integration 

Mobius GLMC is easy to integrate over HTTP for any proper solution. 

Core Location 

Mobius GLMC includes Cell-ID of MSISDN as well as current status (busy, available, etc.) 

SS7 Support 

For 2G and 3G based deployments Mobius GLMC supports SS7. 

Diameter Support 

For 4G and LTE based deployments Mobius GLMC supports Diameter. 

TDM and SIGTRAN Support 

For 2G and 3G based deployments Mobius GLMC uses legacy E1/T1 links via Dialogic SS7 cards as well as connectivity to MSC/HLR via SIGTRAN links (M3UA). 

Geolocation API 

Mobius GLMC enables location-based services (LBS) in web, IOS and Android apps via Geo-API. 

Carrier Grade Performance 

Mobius GLMC is capable of processing billions of transactions each day. A single GMLC node can process thousands of requests per second and can be adapted to meet the needs of all telecom service providers to greatly reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs. 

Load Balancing and Transparent Failover 

Multiple GMLC nodes can be arranged in a cluster across one or more geographically distributed data centers to scale up throughput and provide various levels of redundancy, high availability and fault tolerance. There is no cap on request/sec or SS7 GT, links or association. Capacity depends on underlying hardware and network used. 


Mobius GMLC may be deployed on dedicated hardware, private cloud infrastructure or public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Extensible and Modern Platform 

Mobius GLMC built on the JAIN-SLEE platform automatically provides out-of-the-box integration with various communication protocols for connectivity to ESMEs (External Short Messaging Entity). Protocols include SIP, Diameter, HTTP in addition to the base SMPP protocol. 

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