Mobius Diameter

Java implementation for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Diameter Protocol.

Mobius Diameter

Designed for Mobile Services consumption.
Diameter provides a Java implementation of the Diameter standard for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA). It implements the Base Protocol as well as numerous paramount and widely used applications. Mobius Diameter enables fast development of IMS components, such as SIP AS, IM SSF, OSA SCS, CAMEL, Home Subscriber Server (HSS), Call Session Control Function (CSCF), Subscriber Location Function (SLF), and more.

Its extensible architecture feature efficiently supports new applications and the stack's core functionalities adaptation to a fully customized solution.

Features and Benefits

Multiple Operation Modes
Supports Client, Server, and Agent modes of operation, allowing the stack to act as a Proxy, Relay, or Redirect Agent
Dictionary and Validation
Dictionary and Validation support allows for adding easy vendor-specific Diameter application support. Diameter Message integrity validation is also provided
Network Integration
Provides seamless integration of Diameter services into both new and existing networks
Flexible Cloud Solution
The Diameter stack supports both network functions virtualization and clustered virtual machine deployments that are fully self-contained and highly optimized
Statistics and Monitoring
The few management and monitoring options include a scriptable command-line interface and a web console for configuration and management
Open Source
Well-documented Open-Source software allows staff to learn, optimize, and customize the Diameter server to the client's evolving requirements free from vendor lock-in
High-Available System
Designed to avoid loss of service by reducing and managing failures and minimizing planned downtime
Multiple Programming Language Support
When Mobius Diameter is employed in standalone mode, any programming language can be used to develop the application as long as a result adheres to all other standards
Monitoring and Management Tools Integration
Mobius Diameter supports built-in integration with monitoring and management tools like Graylog and Datalog
Thanks to our collaboration agreements with Mobius, we have raised our support standards for complex development platforms such as jSLEE, jSS7 and jDiameter. The requirements for service excellence, both in the resolution of complex inquiries and turnaround time in accordance to SLA, have allowed us to fully satisfy our customers’ demands.
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