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Enable ongoing third-party monitoring and forewarning for immediate emergency response in case of distress.

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Healthcare Communication with Mobius

The healthcare industry is booming. Medicine is getting more and more advanced, technology is skyrocketing, and what's even more significant is that people have started taking better care of themselves. They don't just eat smarter or exercise but keep constant attention on their health status. Electronic self-health monitoring started with smartphone apps merely a few years ago. Now, it has transformed into a giant industry where software is backed by the latest tech in the form of wearable devices. While in most cases the data from fitness trackers and medical devices is addressed to users only and is delivered via WiFi or Bluetooth, sometimes, especially in emergency circumstances, it is essential for other parties to receive that information, too. A timely alert to a medic can save a life.

That's why it's crucial for health monitoring and alert tech to employ solutions that ensure the highest level of steady connection. Mobius products offer that type of connectivity, moreover, they also provide solutions for precise location identification, audio and video calling, and messaging.

Enable ongoing third-party monitoring and forewarning for immediate emergency response in case of distress.

Notify users and third parties immediately about suspicious activity

Provide users and third parties with constant status updates

Initiate crisis alerts in case of health emergency

Provide impeccable audio and video communication

Provide third parties with the user's location marker

Increase customer satisfaction

Mobius for Healthcare

Our solutions will ensure that your users and their close ones are always well connected and informed.

Mobius Sip Servlets

Mobius SIP Servlets enables steady audio and video calls between the various parties. It ensures that your users are always in touch with their medical advisors and emergency contacts.

Mobius GMLC Gateway

In health emergencies, every minute matters, especially when the person in question is unattended at that particular moment. Mobius GMLC Gateway enables constant location identification for healthcare devices so that the necessary aid can always arrive on time.

Messaging Suite
Mobius A2P Gateway

When it comes to health issues, timely response is critical. Mobius A2P Gateway enables instant alerts in case of emergency or status notifications and updates when suspicious activity is detected.

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