Our Mission

Mobius Software shifts business and corporate customers around the globe by bringing the latest telecom and IoT solutions that empower connectivity. We offer a wide range of communication products and tailor them to your needs. No matter the industry or the organization's size, we will design an optimum solution precisely for you.

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Our Roots & Values

Having started as a telecom tech company in Israel, we quickly gained traction and landed our first big clients, with Telestax among them. The cooperation with Telestax, now part of Mavenir, has evolved into a decade-long partnership that still runs strong.This immense industry experience and rich expertise inspired us to build our own communication solutions that provide the highest level of performance and reliability to clients worldwide.

Easy start, simple setup and administration. We took the hard part upon ourselves.
Many years of feedback-based experience, latest developments in telecommunications, ongoing support.
No matter how much your business grows, our solutions provide almost unlimited throughput and preserve performance.

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