Healthcare With Mobius Sip Servlet GLMC A2P

Smart Health Tracker

We employed our most reliable solutions in a health tracking device, so doctors and patients' emergency contacts could instantly react in case of crisis.


A health tracker company has addressed us with a need to create a way for its new device to communicate with third parties. The device is intended for people who require constant medical monitoring and senior citizens.


Together with the client we identified the main users' touchpoints with the solution. The tracker had to monitor the health well-being of its user, instantly inform the user's medical adviser on any health condition changes, and automatically launch audio or video calls with the clinic in case of emergency. Moreover, the device had to alert the proper people in case of a health emergency detected by the system and call for an Ambulance providing the user's location.

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We used Mobius SIP Servlets to enable calls between the users and their medical advisers. Mobius GMLC Gateway ensures precise location detection, so an Ambulance and emergency contacts know where the patient is at the given moment. And finally, Mobius A2P Gateway allows emergency contacts to timely receive updates and alerts about the device user.

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