Mobius Software's Mavenir Partnership: Exclusive Rights Granted for Telestax Products

The announcement examines the strategic advantages, prospects, and the potential evolution of services resulting from the exclusive arrangement between Mobius Software and Mavenir concerning Telestax's renowned product range.

On 29 June 2023, Mobius Software LTD signed an agreement with Mavenir to assume development and support of the Telestax’s Restcomm on-prem products.  

Mobius Software is currently responsible for overseeing three Telestax product groups, namely messaging and protocols.   

The new array of products being developed by Mobius will come equipped with built-in clustering support and a revamped interface, supported by comprehensive monitoring and alerting features through statd. Additionally, to ensure a seamless transition, they will retain compatibility with the familiar old Telestax interface.


About Mobius Software

Mobius Software delivers high-quality, integrated end-to-end telecommunications services tailored for large enterprises, mid-size businesses, and small enterprises alike. We take pride in satisfying over 100 global clients from the USA, Europe, Latin America, Africa.   

Furthermore, the company provides diverse technical support options and licensing, considering our clients' preferences. We create new products to meet the changing needs and time constraints of business enterprises, comprehensively serving small, medium and large enterprises. Our commitment remains unwavering: every upcoming product is designed with our core principles: Easy, Reliable, Scalable:  

Easy – Easy start, simple setup and administration. We took the hard part upon ourselves.  

Reliable – Many years of feedback-based experience, latest developments in telecommunications, ongoing support.  

Scalable – No matter how much your business grows, our solutions provide almost unlimited throughput and preserve performance.  

All our products are “live”, receive now and will receive in future the necessary updates and additional features. This continuous improvement reflects our commitment to enhancing our technical expertise and engineering approach.


Telestax Development History: From Mobicents to Restcomm

Telestax is a communications software and services provider who specializes in offering software solutions that help businesses quickly deploy applications that generate revenue with ease. The company is dedicated to creating high-quality messaging, voice and real-time video solutions for enterprises. This gives organizations the opportunity to improve the customer experience by providing new communication channels. Telestax emerged as a notable force in telecommunications through its association with Mobicents. 

Mobicents is an open-source VoIP platform that offers a range of telecommunications services and solutions. It was developed as a base for building communication applications. Initially rooted in Mobicents technologies, Telestax embarked on an evolutionary journey that birthed Restcomm. 

Restcomm is a robust and versatile open-source platform developed by Telestax. It provides a suite of tools, APIs, and frameworks designed to facilitate the development and deployment of real-time communication applications across various industries. Restcomm significantly influenced the development of real-time communication applications, empowering businesses to integrate communication functionalities seamlessly into their services and applications. Its direct development by Telestax has transitioned into broader industry solutions following Telestax's acquisition by Mavenir on August 25th, 2021. 

Throughout its evolution from Mobicents to Restcomm, Telestax has consistently pioneered advancements in telecommunications, laying a solid foundation for cutting-edge communication solutions. 


Products of Telestax 

Telestax products collectively form essential components within telecommunications networks, enabling various functionalities and communication services.  

  • SIP Stack: Software used to implement the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), facilitating voice, video, and messaging communication over IP networks.  

  • SS7 Stack: Software stack that implements the Signaling System 7 (SS7) protocol, enabling signaling and communication in telecommunication networks.  

  • Diameter Stack: Software component implementing the Diameter protocol, utilized for authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) in various network applications.  

  • SIP Servlets: Java-based server-side application programming interface (API) for SIP, allowing developers to create SIP-based applications.  

  • TAS (Telecom Application Server) / JAIN SLEE (Java EE-based Application Server): Platform for developing telecom services using the Java EE-based Service Logic Execution Environment (SLEE) standard, facilitating the creation of telecom applications.  

  • USSD Gateway: System providing Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) services in telecommunication networks, commonly used for interactive communication between users and applications.  

  • SMSC (Short Message Service Center) Gateway: Component managing the storage, routing, and delivery of SMS (Short Message Service) messages in mobile networks.  

  • Load Balancer / Border Gateway: Infrastructure component distributing network traffic across multiple servers to ensure optimal resource utilization and performance. The Border Gateway typically manages interconnection between networks.  

  • Media Gateway: Device enabling the interconnection of different types of communication networks, translating various transmission formats for seamless communication between networks.  

  • CAMEL Gateway: The CAMEL (Customized Applications for Mobile networks Enhanced Logic) gateway is a component enabling the management of telecommunications services within GSM/3G/IMS networks.  

  • GMLC Gateway: Critical component used in mobile networks to retrieve the location information of mobile devices or subscribers. 


Current development status


Open Source   



SS7 Protocol  


SIP Protocol  


Diameter Protocol  


SMSC Gateway 



USSD Gateway 



Camel Gateway 



GMLC Gateway  


SIP Servlets   


Under Development  



Under Development   

Border Gateway 

Load Balancer - 10.4.0-12 

Under Development  

Media Gateway 



Mobius Software is not currently developing other Telestax products. However, we are always open to communication. If you need help or are looking for alternative solutions, please contact us. We can help and suggest suitable options.

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Products like SS7 Protocol, SIP Protocol, and Diameter Protocol will be available in both open-source and commercial versions.

The following products, including SMSC Gateway, USSD Gateway, Camel Gateway, GMLC Gateway, SIP Servlets, and JSLEE, will solely be available in a commercial version.


Key differentiations:





All the functionality features according to standards and specs 




Management through configuration files 




Limited release support 




Clustering includes only Infinispan 




Allowance to use in commercial projects


(see comments) 



Configuration Over UI




Full release support




Statistics / Analytics




New Management / UI




Statistics / Analytics




Monitoring / Alerting




GELF log management 




Distributed / Modular Solution




Additional Protocols/Suites- Blockchain, Big data, IOT 




* Using open-source solutions for commercial purposes requires publishing full source code to GitHub/another public repository.

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Mobius Software LTD recently finalized an agreement with Mavenir, marking a significant transition as they assume responsibility for the ongoing development and support of Telestax’s RestcommOne on-prem products namely SMSC Gateway, USSD Gateway, Camel Gateway, GMLC Gateway, SIP Servlets, JSLEE, SS7 Protocol, SIP Protocol, and Diameter Protocol.  

Telestax, powered by Mobicents technologies, played a key role in the creation of Restcomm, a foundational platform helping to simplify real-time communications applications.  

Restcomm, renowned for its suite of tools, empowered developers to seamlessly embed voice, video, and messaging functionalities into a diverse array of applications.  

As part of this shift, Restcomm SS7 Protocol, SIP Protocol, and Diameter Protocol, introduced as open-source offerings and SMSC Gateway, USSD Gateway, Camel Gateway, GMLC Gateway, SIP Servlets, and JSLEE as commercial offerings by Telestax, are now part of Mobius's suite of services.   


Future plans and updates

Our future plans are to unify and develop all of the above products under the Mobius brand, aligning them with the brand's quality requirements and functionality standards. 

Furthermore, our focus involves proactive growth and development in response to the evolving needs of our clients. We're committed to not just meeting but exceeding our clients' expectations by continuously adapting our products and services. This approach ensures that our solutions remain relevant, efficient, and adapted to address the dynamic challenges faced by businesses of all sizes. 

Through this strategy, we aim to establish Mobius as a leading provider of comprehensive and client-centric solutions, fostering long-term partnerships and delivering exceptional value to our diverse clientele. 

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