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Mobius SMSC Gateway

Handling high-volume SMS and MMS messaging whenever it is needed.

Overview of Mobius SMSC Gateway

Designed for MNO/MVNO and A2P-based services requiring complicated SS7 integration.
Mobius SMSC Gateway is used for high-volume messaging in the form of SMS or MMS. It enables direct connection to MNO’s SMSC via the Internet or direct leased line connections. The gateway provides SMS services to customers and organizations that need such services.

Features and Benefits

Enables operators to provide SMS, group SMS, and broadcast SMS services localized for multiple brands or domains from a single deployment
Carrier-Grade Scalability and Reliability
Integrated load balancing and clustering support for automated failover deliver an excellent user experience for mobile subscribers. Unlike other more limited solutions, all Mobius services are load-balanced, providing unparalleled redundancy, especially as the platform scales
Multilingual Support for UCS2 and GSM 7-bit Formats
Enables global support for rich content and notifications in Latin (e.g, English, Spanish, French) and non-Latin (e.g., Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic) languages
SS7 Hardware Support
Mobius SMSC Gateway fully supports Intel and Dialogic cards
Legacy TDM and SS7 Support
Industry-standard network integration into IMS and LTE networks through SS7 MAP, HTTP, or SMPP interfaces
HTTP, SMPP, SS7 MAP, and SIP Interface Support
Industry-standard network integration into IMS and LTE networks
Suitable for Mobile Network Operator and Mobile Virtual Network Operator services when integrated with SS7
On-Premise and cloud deployment
The SMSC gateway supports network functions virtualization and clustered virtual machine deployments that are fully self-contained and highly optimized
Flexible Operations and Monitoring
Mobius SMSC Gateway supports flexible operations and monitoring using industry-standard protocols, including Java JMX and scriptable command-line interfaces with full CDR, logging, and auditing reporting capabilities
Mobius continuously strives to show their dedication to providing the best level of pre-sales consultancy, project management flexibility, support responsiveness, and post-sales assistance. Mobius team is hard-working, motivated, and full of enthusiasm. We are interacting as vendor and client, and I must say they have good technical knowledge and understanding. Working with them is always a pleasure. We have worked together on several projects, and we have completed them successfully.
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