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A2P messaging for banks: 20 examples to increase customer experience

In our blog post, we will talk about how a seemingly simple technology can increase the loyalty of current customers, the return of old clients, the growth of the user base, increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improve customer experience.

1.3 trillion A2P SMS messages were sent in 2020. According to Analysys Mason study, the number of A2P SMS messages is expected to reach 1.9 trillion by 2025. Facebook, Apple, Google and other innovative companies use messaging solutions. According to a market report by Sheer Analytics and Insights, the total global application-to-person (a2p) sms and API market was valued at $47.8 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach $104.1 billion at a CAGR of 7.00% between 2022 and 2032.

In our blog post, we will talk about how a seemingly simple technology can increase the loyalty of current customers, the return of old clients, the growth of the user base, increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improve customer experience. We have also prepared 20 useful examples of A2P SMS to increase customer experience in banking.

What is A2P messaging?

Application-to-person messaging or A2P is a mobile message from an app to a user's mobile phone. Companies use A2P in certain technical modes to interact with customers, verify users of online services, or send urgent alerts. A2P SMS messaging is also called Enterprise or Professional SMS. Application-to-human messaging is a disclosure that starts from the business side, not from the user's messages.

What are A2P messages used for?

There are about 5 billion active SMS users worldwide, so SMS advertising brings the highest influx of customers. Firstly, advertising and notifications via SMS are not only much cheaper than other methods, but much more effective.

Most often, A2P messaging is used for:

  • Banking and insurance institutions to notify of important information;
  • Travel agencies to remind of the departure date, its change and possible hot-tours;
  • Cinemas and theaters to inform customers about the repertoire, ticket promotions;
  • Stores to send alerts about sales and new arrivals of goods;
  • Online courses and webinars send A2P SMS to remind when class starts;
  • Dentists and private clinics are reminded of appointments and notified of changes;

This is just a small list of where you can use A2P messaging to interact with the client. A2P messaging providers are in great demand in many areas: from small store to large banks. Application to person messaging have proven themselves well in the international market and are now an integral part of modern business.

A2P messaging advantages for banks

Using A2P messaging, banks can tailor their SMS messages to suit the needs and touchpoints along the customer journey. Personalized messages show customers that the business cares about their needs and gives them attention, which will increase your customer loyalty.


A2P SMS is one of the easiest and most effective ways to send notifications. This is a simple process that does not require any hassle, which will improve the customer journey and simplify the process of interacting with banking services dozens of times.


Fast delivery is one of the main benefits of A2P SMS market as it allows you to reach your customers at the right moment without disturbing them at an inconvenient time of the day. SMS messages are also more likely to be delivered because they don't depend on data to send and receive.


With the growing use of A2P SMS marketing in the financial industry, and with developing countries catching up with the latest trends, the market is growing significantly. It's a smart choice for businesses because it allows you to personalize your messages and is the easiest way to send notifications.

20 A2P SMS use cases to improve customer experience

Here we collected the most common samples of messages you can use to keep customers updated.

  1. OTP (one-time-password) SMS. This is a short message from a bank, store or other company to authorize or confirm a purchase/registration, etc.
  2. OTT (over the top) SMS. These are just notifications after performing actions in banking institutions, shops or online stores, etc.
  3. Marketing SMS. These messages are sent to attract users. Possible discounts and promotions are usually sent. There are two common types of marketing SMS:
    • targeted mailing (aimed at a specific buyer who may be interested in the purchase);
    • non-targeted mailing (mailing to all customers who have registered with the service).
  4. Fraud alert messaging. Messages about potential fraudulent activity, such as spending alerts.
  5. Customer service. Support, account management and other ways to interact with customers.
  6. 2FA. Any authentication or account verification such as OTP.
  7. Account notifications. Any notifications about the account status.
  8. Charity. Nonprofit messages aimed at providing help.
  9. Service Announcement. Messages to raise customer's awareness about a given topic.
  10. Security Alert. Notification of an account login message.
  11. Billing updates. A2P messaging allows sending direct notifications of any upcoming payments, such as utility bills.
  12. Application updates. You can inform customers about mobile app updates by leaving a link to the update.
  13. Short code. Send verification codes to enter mobile banking.
  14. PIN code change. Send a new PIN code to the user through a secure A2P platform.
  15. Appointment reminder. Automatically send confirmations, handle cancellations, and rescheduling.
  16. Balance. Send messages about changes in bank account balance.
  17. Verification. Submit a verification code to ensure you are interacting with a real person.
  18. Loyalty programs. Notify loyal customers about promotions, discounts, reviews, and updates.
  19. Customer support. Communication with the customer and the support team through two-way messaging.
  20. Service feedback. Request an assessment about visiting a bank branch or a consultant's work using an SMS survey.

Mobius Software as your reliable A2P messaging provider

When choosing an SMS service for your business, you must be sure that it will be able to meet all your business requirements and bring the best result. Mobius Software is a reliable provider that will help you identify ways to use A2P platform, connect your application or website, and start sending messages.

Mobius SMSC Gateway is used for high-volume messaging in the form of SMS or MMS. It enables direct connection to MNO's SMSC via the Internet or direct leased line connections. The gateway provides SMS services to customers and organizations that need such services. We take care of each client and makes sending A2P SMS easy and convenient. We will design an optimum solution for you regardless of the industry or the organization's size.

Aug 09,2022 ● 8 min read

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