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Fleet management solutions are required to run a remarkably steady connection in order to ensure ongoing communication between the devices.


A company that produces fleet management tools for logistics firms has encountered some troubles with its fleet monitoring solution. While the solution successfully tracked the fleet's location and provided status updates, sometimes it would shut off, and it was impossible to discover what exactly happened. The client needed a reliable way to understand what has happened in case of software malfunction.


We decided to move in with a solution that would monitor the client's devices and provide status updates to understand better why the device would malfunction. The solution consists of two parts. The first part is a sniffer (probe) – a server placed at the mobile operator that scans the mobile network traffic coming from our client's devices. A second part is an analysis tool that interprets the data and shows the device's history, network status updates, and more. This way, in case of a system collapse, our client could better understand what has caused the failure.

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We employed two of our products for this case. Mobius Diameter would do the work when connected to the 4G and above networks. In case of a 3G network or lower, Mobius SS7 would step in.

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