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Banking Services Automation

We have automized most typical banking services and used a smart date and time booking solution to offload the overwhelming lines of physical clients inside the branches.


A banking institution addressed us with a problem. Its branches were unevenly loaded with clients during the working hours which leads to crowds and long queues. Besides the clients being frustrated with lines, the staff was becoming more and more overwhelmed with an unpredictable work environment.


The client's solution provides the processes automatization to simplify the procedures of providing banking services. This action decreases the number of people physically attending the branches, reduces staff's workload, and cuts the total service time.


Four of our products have been used to achieve that task. Mobius USSD Gateway and Mobius SMSC Gateway were applied for authorization and confirmation purposes, and Mobius GMLC Gateway have been used to identify users’ location. Mobius SS7 stack was used as an integral part of all gateways to allow communication with the mobile network core.

Let's review this in a case scenario:

  1. The users go to the bank's website to find out how to open an account, fill out a form with the necessary information, and receive a confirmation code via SMS.
  2. They enter the confirmation code from the SMS.
  3. They get the confirmation, and are asked about a suitable appointment time to pick up the papers.
  4. The user provides the bank with the date and time.
  5. In case the time slot is free, they receive a confirmation. If not, the bank offers other available time slots for that date.
  6. After the date and time are set, the bank shows the closest branches based on the user’s cellphone location.
  7. The user picks the location and is now certain that the bank visit will be quick and effortless.

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This automation has allowed the bank to increase the number of clients by precisely distributing the visits throughout the day. Also it has dramatically reduced the service time and has improved the work efficiency due to less stressed personnel.

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