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Telephony Communication with Mobius

It comes as no secret that mobile usage has significantly risen over the past decade. In 2021 there were reported 7,1 billion users, and the numbers are forecasted to reach 7,49 billion in 2025.

While many telecom companies' earnings come from the rising number of subscribers, the global mobile Added Value Services market is booming. It starts with simple offers like astrology updates and follows up with IM services, on-demand subscriptions, video streaming, cloud data storage, and many more. The mobile gaming industry alone is another skyrocketing VAS (Value Added Services) market.

To offer those services, a telephony company has to employ the latest technology that will work properly, be easily scalable, and be ready to upgrade the processes immediately upon market demand. That is precisely why the cornerstone of Mobius company is innovation. We design products having the latest telephony technology and trends in mind. You will secure a cost-effective, flexible, and easily scalable approach to offering VAS services by employing our solutions.

Telephony Solutions can be used in the following ways:

Provide users with custom alerts and notifications

Enable multi-factor authentication

Provide one-time passwords

Provide impeccable audio and video communication

Acquire users location

Increase customer satisfaction

Mobius for Telephony

Increase the quantity and quality of your value-added services with Mobius products.

Mobius Diameter

Mobius Diameter is an integral part of all gateways. It enables communication with the mobile network core with 4G and higher broadband cellular network technology standards.

Mobius SS7

Sometimes the broadband cellular network technology is not quite there yet. In those cases, Mobius SS7 is here for you. It is an essential part of all gateways when working with 3G and lower standards.

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We believe that knowledge is the integral component of success. Mobius strives to empower its clients with all the necessary resources to utilize the full potential of its products and gain the highest positive outcome and maximum profit from our cooperation.

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Mobius continuously strives to show their dedication to providing the best level of pre-sales consultancy, project management flexibility, support responsiveness, and post-sales assistance. Mobius team is hard-working, motivated, and full of enthusiasm. We are interacting as vendor and client, and I must say they have good technical knowledge and understanding. Working with them is always a pleasure. We have worked together on several projects, and we have completed them successfully.
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