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Home Security System

Mobius products ensure a stable connection for live video and recorded footage streaming, so users can always stay on top of what's going on in their homes and home territories.


Our client, one of the top home security system providers, came to us with a request to develop a way for its solution to communicate alerts and other system updates and statuses to the homeowners.


We decided to use video calls as a primary channel of communication. Since the system includes multiple sensors installed throughout the house including windows and doors, the client, in some cases, wanted a user to check the level of threat first before signaling the alarm or contacting the police. For example, suppose the window sensor detects a motion nearby. In that case, the users get an instant video call with a recorded motion activity and a live stream of a current situation. If the users see a threat, they proceed to further actions. But it may as well be their cat hunting the squirrels near the window.

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We employed Mobius SIP Servlets and Mobius SIP Stack to ensure direct video communication between the security system and user's device or multiple devices at the same time in case that option was requested. Mobius A2P Gateway was applied for additional post-activity notifications and sensors live-monitoring by the users.

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