Mobius SIP

Mobius jSIP (Java SIP) represents a general-purpose transaction-based Java interface to the SIP protocol functionally compatible with the RFC3261 specification. 

Mobius jSIP enables the transaction stateless, the transaction stateful, and the dialog stateful control over the protocol. 

Key features 

Stack interoperability and Application portability 

Both interoperability between stacks and the interoperability of applications across stacks are ensured, as required in the new age of communication standards. 

IMS component development 

Mobius SIP enables fast development of IMS components, such as SIP AS, IM SSF, OSA SCS, CAMEL, Home Subscriber Server (HSS), Call Session Control Function (CSCF), Subscriber Location Function (SLF), and more. 

Multiple SIP extensions 

Mobius jSIP has the following SIP extensions; 

  • RFC 2976 allows for the carrying of session related control information that is generated during a session. 

  • RFC 3262 provides information on the progress of the request processing. 

  • RFC 3265 the ability to request asynchronous notification of events. 

  • RFC 3311 allows the caller to provide updated session information before a final response. 

  • RFC 3326 the ability to know why a SIP request was issued. 

  • RFC 3428 allows the transfer of Instant Messages. 

  • RFC 3515 requests that the recipient refer to a resource provided in the request. 

High-available System  

Designed to avoid loss of service by reducing and managing failures as well as minimizing planned downtime.  

Multiple programming language support 

When Mobius SIP is employed in standalone mode, it is up to you to decide what programming language is used for developing your application as long as the result adheres to all other standards. 

Monitoring and Management Tools Integration 

Mobius SIP supports built-in integration with monitoring and management tools like Graylog and Datalog 

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