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Simplifying Messaging Infrastructure with Next-Generation SMSC: Advancements and Benefi
Jun 29,2023 ● 8 min read

This article explores the architecture, advancements, and benefits of adopting next-generation SMSC solutions. 

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Exploring the Role of GMLC in Location-based Services: Unlocking Geolocation Potential
Jun 23,2023 ● 6 min read

This article explores the impact of GMLC on enhancing the accuracy, efficiency, and scalability of location-based services while examining the challenges, opportunities, privacy, and security implications associated with its integration.

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Leveraging GMLC for Location-based Advertising and Geofencing
Jun 19,2023 ● 8 min read

This article explores the role of GMLC in location-based advertising and geofencing, highlighting its benefits, strategies, privacy considerations, and key metrics for evaluating campaign success.

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Driving Business Growth with Advanced Mobile Messaging Solutions
Jun 09,2023 ● 7 min read

This article explores the role of Short Message Service Centers (SMSCs) in text messaging infrastructure, the key components and functions of an SMSC, routing and delivery mechanisms, protocols, message queues, security considerations, error handling, and future trends in SMSC technology.

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Mastering the Essentials of SMSC: The Backbone of Text Messaging
Jun 06,2023 ● 6 min read

In this blog post, we will delve into the essential components and functions of SMSCs, and explore routing mechanisms, protocols, message queue management, security considerations, error handling, and future trends. 

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The Evolution of GMLC in Mobile Location Services
May 15,2023 ● 6 min read

This article sheds light on the evolution of GMLC in mobile location services, encompassing its initial solutions, the surge in demand, enhanced accuracy, incorporation with 5G networks, multi-operator support, improved privacy, real-time location services, analytics and business intelligence, cloud-based solutions, and potential future applications.

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The Benefits of Using USSD Gateway for Mobile Operators
May 02,2023 ● 5 min read

In this article will discuss the advantages a USSD gateway can provide mobile operators.

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GMLC: How it works and how it benefits businesses
Dec 27,2022 ● 6 min read

Discover what GMLC is, how it works, and how Mobius’ solution can help accelerate your business’ success.

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Building a Holistic Customer Communication Ecosystem with Mobius
Nov 30,2022 ● 7 min read

This article will explore the importance of the holistic customer ecosystem and how you can leverage sales by improving communication.

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Blockchain penetration in the banking sector: a look at the second half of 2022
Sep 14,2022 ● 10 min read

In this blog post, we want to highlight the side of blockchain finance penetration in the banking sector, and talk about real use cases.

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