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GMLC: How it works and how it benefits businesses

Discover what GMLC is, how it works, and how Mobius’ solution can help accelerate your business’ success.

GMLC: How it works and how it benefits businesses

A GMLC can connect to a wide range of IoT connections or be used to deliver location-based advertising. Knowing where your prospects are gives you a great deal of control over the content of the offers and information you send them.

What is GMLC technology?

GMLC stands for Gateway Mobile Location Center. It is a platform that enables location-based services (LBS). In other words, it locates any mobile device at any time without a connection to the internet or even the need to download an app, all while staying undetectable to the end user.

How GMLC works

The Location Services (LCS) clients that the GMLC interacts with may be found outside of the network, such as a third-party VAS application. The GMLC receives requests to find and report the precise location of a user's mobile device. In parallel, checks are made to ensure that the UE (User Equipment) can support LCS requests and that the LCS client is authorized to make such requests. In order to ensure that the system is always up and operating, GMLC is always deployed on at least two servers. To guarantee that maintenance runs smoothly, it is also connected to the operator's monitoring system. As a result, the operator can find issues much more quickly and easily because GMLC provides them with comprehensive information on all system events.

GMLC in business


There are numerous GMLC solutions on the market, but we recommend Mobius. No matter what industry you work in, many businesses rely on knowing where their clients and employees are. Telecom companies can provide a range of location-based services (LBS) and improve the user experience for their customers. Mobius GLMC is mostly designed for value-added service (VAS) vendors and consumers. Mobius' solution offers:

  • Subscriber Locations 
  • Middleware integration 
  • Statistical monitoring and logging 
  • APIs integration 
  • Secure service 
  • Access portal 
  • ACL (Access Control Lists) implementation 


There are numerous advantages to using Mobius GMLC in your organization, including:

  • Mobile Network Connection
    Any Mobile Network Operator or Mobile Virtual Network Operator core network can be accessed by GLMC using SS7 MAP.
  • HTTP Integration
    It is easy to integrate GLMC over HTTP.
  • Core Location
    Mobius GLMC includes the Cell-ID of MSISDN and current status (busy, available, etc.).
  • SS7 Support
    For deployments using 2G and 3G technology, Mobius GLMC supports SS7.
  • Diameter Support
    For deployments based on 4G and LTE, Mobius GLMC supports Diameter.
  • TDM and SIGTRAN Support
    For 2G and 3G-based deployments, Mobius GLMC connects to MSC/HLR via SIGTRAN links (M3UA) and legacy E1/T1 lines via Dialogic SS7 cards.
  • Geolocation API
    Through Geo-API, Mobius GLMC makes location-based services available in web, iOS, and Android applications.
  • Carrier-Grade Performance
    In order to significantly decrease CAPEX and OPEX expenses, a single GMLC node, which can handle thousands of requests per second, can be customized to fit the demands of various telecom service providers.
  • Cloud-Ready
    Mobius GMLC can be set up on specialized hardware, private cloud infrastructure, or public cloud services like Amazon Web Services.
  • Load Balancing and Transparent Failover
    Several GMLC nodes can be grouped in a cluster across one or more geographically dispersed data centers to increase throughput and offer different degrees of redundancy, high availability, and fault tolerance.
  • Extensible and Modern Platform
    When connecting to an External Short Messaging Entity, Mobius GLMC, built on the JAIN-SLEE platform, instantly offers out-of-the-box integration with various communication protocols.


GMLC is used for active mobile positioning, meaning that it triggers specific activities on the network to retrieve a subscriber's location in real time. Mobius GMLC can be used to locate any user that is connected to the network at any given time. It can provide network services and authorize third parties with standardized subscriber location information access.


There are various industries and situations in which GMLC would be useful, including:

  • In marketing
    It can alert users when specific mobile subscribers enter or exit a geofence that is connected to a shopping center or other common place of interest.
  • In IoT applications
    Since it doesn't require an internet connection, it can be used for IoT applications and general device tracking. This is useful when devices need to be tracked without an internet plan.
  • In business
    It can notify if clients or employees are within range.

Whether you need to determine where your customers are on a map or deliver advertising based on their location, Mobius can help you achieve these tasks with GMLC. Mobius has years of experience working with location-based data, and we can assist you in leveraging this cutting-edge technique of event processing and marketing. Contact our sales team to get a quote for your business’s unique GMLC needs.

Dec 27,2022 ● 6 min read

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