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IoT Devices Security Issues, Challenges and Modern Solutions

Gadgets are susceptible to several serious vulnerabilities if they are not properly protected. Ironically, the connectivity of IoT devices makes them vulnerable to hackers.  As a result, IoT security today covers a broad spectrum of methodologies to prevent it.

IoT devices security: Modern tech and Approaches

IoT security protects devices and networks connected to the internet of things (IoT). Gadgets are susceptible to several serious vulnerabilities if they are not properly protected. Ironically, the connectivity of IoT devices makes them vulnerable to hackers. Due to the wide scope of IoT, security is much more thorough. As a result, IoT security today covers a broad spectrum of methodologies.

What is IoT security: Definition

IoT security refers to the security measures used to defend network-based or internet-connected devices. The term "Internet of Things" is quite wide, and as technology continues to advance, the concept has only grown more so. Nearly every modern gadget, including watches, thermostats, and gaming consoles, may interface with other gadgets or the internet in some way.

The group of methods, plans, and resources known as IoT security are employed to keep these gadgets from being compromised. Ironically, IoT's intrinsic connectedness renders these gadgets more susceptible to cyberattacks.

There are a number of methodologies that fall under the IoT security umbrella. Network security, public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication and application programme interface (API) security are just a few of the strategies IT leaders can employ to counter the growing threat of cybercrime and cyberterrorism stemming from weak IoT devices.

IoT network security challenges

With additional ways for devices to connect to one another, threat actors' possibilities of intercepting a device rise. IoT devices use HTTP and API for communication, both of which might be intercepted by cybercriminals. The breadth of the IoT goes beyond just devices with internet connectivity. IoT security is necessary for all IoT devices, not just Bluetooth-capable equipment. These oversights have recently led to an upsurge in IoT-related data breaches. Here are a few IoT security issues that continue to jeopardise people's and businesses' financial security:

Remote exposure

IoT devices present a far bigger attack surface than traditional technologies because of their internet-based connection. Even though this level of accessibility is very advantageous, hackers will attempt to use it to remotely control devices. IoT security, like cloud security, must manage a lot of access points in order to protect assets.

Absence of industry foresight

The recent digital revolution has resulted in a greater technological dependence than ever before. Industries such as healthcare are starting to rely on IoT devices, which are more vulnerable than others. Additionally, many of these businesses are unwilling to commit the money and resources necessary to properly protect these devices.

Limited resources

In addition to the challenges listed above, another big issue with IoT security is the resource limitations of these devices. Not all IoT devices have the processing power to include sophisticated antivirus or firewall software. Some hardly have any connectivity to other gadgets. Bluetooth-enabled IoT devices, for instance, have seen a recent surge of data breaches.

IoT network protection: Solutions

There are several available options when it comes to IoT security, some of which include:

Implementing IoT security in the design phase

Almost anything can be improved with better planning and preparation, including IoT security. It is critical to enable security by default in the design phase. However, IoT developers must be aware of cybersecurity vulnerabilities at all times, not just during the design stage.

PKI & digital certificates

PKI is a great tool for protecting client-server connections among various networked devices. PKI enables the encryption and decryption of private messages and interactions using digital certificates by employing a two-key asymmetric cryptosystem. These technologies help with safeguarding the plain text data that users enter on websites to conduct confidential business. Without PKI security, e-commerce would not be able to run.

Network security

Threat actors have a lot of opportunities to remotely control the IoT devices of others over networks. On-premises IoT security needs to take into account both physical and digital access points because networks contain all of these elements. Using anti-malware, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and intrusion prevention systems, blocking unauthorised IP addresses and making sure systems are patched and up to date are all part of protecting an IoT network. Additionally, ports must be secured, port forwarding must be disabled, and ports should never be opened unless completely necessary.

API security

The most advanced websites are built on APIs. API security is important to preserve the integrity of data delivered from IoT devices to back-end systems and to guarantee that only authorised devices, developers, and apps interact with APIs.


Depending on your particular IoT application and where you are in the IoT ecosystem, several IoT security techniques are used. Secure software development and secure integration should be the solution developer's main priorities. Hardware security and authentication are crucial precautions for people who are adopting IoT systems. Similarly, for operators, maintaining systems, reducing malware, auditing, preserving passwords, and securing infrastructure is very essential.

Oct 14,2022 ● 15 min read

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