What is Diameter

Diameter is a next-generation industry-standard protocol used to exchange authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) information in Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and IP Multimedia Systems (IMS) networks. It is an extension of RADIUS protocol with the following features: 

  • Uses TCP/SCTP instead of UDP to improve transport reliability and flexibility 

  • Uses IPSec (mandatory) or TLS (optional) to secure communications between services 

  • Uses a much larger 32-bit address space for AVPs 

  • Supports both stateless and stateful modes 

  • Supports dynamic discovery of entries using DNS, SRV and NAPTR records 

  • Supports peer alignment by negotiation 

  • Supports RFC 3539 for transport layer failover 

  • Supports secure and scalable roaming 

  • Extensible support for new commands and AVPs 

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