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Matchless messaging performance with exceptional flexibility.

Overview of Mobius A2P Gateway

Designed for A2P SaaS solutions and high traffic message-based interaction for any industry.
Mobius A2P Gateway offers unsurpassed messaging performance with extreme flexibility and incredible performance due to the attached MongoDB servers. A single server, based on configuration parameters, is capable of transmitting up to 5000 messages per second.

The platform works with a TCP-based load balancer and Kafka to produce the highest possible performance and throughput.

Features and Benefits

Distributed Solution
Mobius A2P includes several operating nodes with modules communicating via messaging
High Available Solution
It's designed to avoid service loss by reducing and managing failures and minimizing planned downtime
Service-ready Solution
Mobius A2P allows hosting software and associated data centrally on the cloud and accessing it via a web browser
Flexible Billing Configuration
Mobius A2P works with various billing providers like Stripe, allowing customers to follow preferable payment systems and methods
GSM 03.38 Support
It allows environment configuration for any existing language and encoding used in various telecommunication networks
Central Point of Management for SMS and WAP Push Traffic
Mobius A2P supports SMS and WAP push technology, bridging content providers to the operator's network via a unified layer decoupled from the messaging centers
Extensive Service Provider Management Capability
Mobius A2P enables business-oriented service provider management options combined with multiple profiling for the provisioning process and SLA agreement definition
Comprehensive Message Routing
The routing tables-based engine uses an extensive set of static or dynamic criteria for policy decisions about accepting, rejecting, modifying, and routing messages via chosen gateways
Flexible Message Filtering
Mobius A2P implements rule-based message filtering either on a message basis or at the service provider level. Subscriber level preferences can be consolidated for personalized or targeted messaging services
Mobius continuously strives to show their dedication to providing the best level of pre-sales consultancy, project management flexibility, support responsiveness, and post-sales assistance. Mobius team is hard-working, motivated, and full of enthusiasm. We are interacting as vendor and client, and I must say they have good technical knowledge and understanding. Working with them is always a pleasure. We have worked together on several projects, and we have completed them successfully.
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