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Blockchain penetration in the banking sector: a look at the second half of 2022
Sep 14,2022 ● 10 min read

In this blog post, we want to highlight the side of blockchain finance penetration in the banking sector, and talk about real use cases.

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How to use GMLC: cases, ideas, challenges
Aug 18,2022 ● 8 min read

In this article we will talk about GMLC that is used for precise mobile positioning, which means that it initiates certain actions on the network to obtain the subscriber's real-time location.

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A2P messaging for banks: 20 examples to increase customer experience
Aug 09,2022 ● 8 min read

In our blog post, we will talk about how a seemingly simple technology can increase the loyalty of current customers, the return of old clients, the growth of the user base, increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improve customer experience.

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What can your business benefit from the USSD Gateway?
Jul 20,2022 ● 6 min read

What is USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) and how you can use it. Learn more about the benefits of a USSD gateway and what it can do for your business.

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How to Improve Finance Communication in the Digital Banking Age
Jul 18,2022 ● 7 min read
Find out how to improve communication among mobile banking clients and increase their engagement and satisfaction. Take your finance communication to the next level.
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MVNO and MVNE as a scaling solution for your telecom infrastructure
Jul 12,2022 ● 7 min read

Find out what is mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs), and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and how it will help to scale your telecom infrastructure.

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Blockchain: turning buzzword into a benefit
Jun 17,2022 ● 15 min read

Blockchain technology takes the whole world into the future. It can disrupt or change business models in virtually every industry. One of the challenges companies face is the need to innovate in a highly competitive market.

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Semiconductors crisis and the impact on the telecom industry
Jun 21,2022 ● 10 min read

Shortage of semiconductor chips in the telecommunication industry. What does this mean and what consequences can be expected? Find out more here!

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Everything you wanted to know about BLE but were afraid to ask
May 26,2022 ● 7 min read

What is BLE and how does it work? Find out here advantages of Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology and answers to the most common questions about it

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The Future of Telecom Industry
May 26,2022 ● 5 min read
The most promising future trends of the telecommunications industry. Find out here how to adapt, change and evolve telecommunications companies to stay competitive and relevant.
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